Technology and Leadership – Why I believe we should all have a coach

My take on why I believe we should all have a coach and perhaps even more than one.

From my experience interacting with many people particularly in the corporate world, they often look for guidance from senior colleagues. This works some of the time but generally it is confined to the respective corporate the two individuals are employed in.

I am a strong advocate that we each need an independent, objective and trained coach who can help facilitate a process for each of us to help unlock great decision making for our careers and our lives.

My first encounter with a coach was way back in the mid-2000s. I was at a crossroad and needed to make a major decision in my life. I needed to make a life-changing decision which could easily have been made emotionally rather than rationally if I had not consulted a coach. Long story short, I was so impressed with the concept of coaching and my coach that I decided to retain him on an ongoing basis which continues up to today. He has helped me through three major transitions over the past 13 years that has returned my investment many times over. I do accept that I am probably the exception to the rule as most people don’t have executive coaches for such an extended period of time.

The point relating to my story is an important one. Individuals inside an organization generally struggle to find someone that is completely objective. Our line managers have an agenda in ensuring the company’s objectives are met, our peers are competing with us, our subordinates would think we are crazy confiding in them. Even our spouses have a biased view albeit in a good way. For this reason, I believe a coach is the best person to provide the objectivity you need. At least this has been my experience. Getting a coach from a division or department outside of your functional area would be a good start.

My belief in coaching is so strong that I undertook my coaching training back in 2015. Since exiting from my role of Group CIO at Vodacom Group, I have decided to start my own executive coaching practice amongst the many other things I do in my portfolio career.

I believe coaching can be a very strong guiding light that can help you shape your future across all areas of career, financial, health, education, spiritual, social, etc. Personally, I now have several coaches covering different aspects of my life. These coaches are both real and virtual (Coaches who don’t know you personally but are out there willing to help anyone who wants to be helped. My favourite examples are Robin Sharma and Anthony Robbins).

Hope you find some learning from my experiences with coaching and feel free to reach out to me if you wish to be coached.