Jaydev Chiba

After dedicating 32 years to the corporate world, I made the bold decision to embark on a new chapter, venturing into a portfolio career by establishing my company, Ujala Digital Pty Ltd. My focus encompasses Executive Coaching & Mentoring, ICT Consulting, and Sales Marketing of Disruptive Digital Products. Additionally, I aspire to contribute my strong ICT background, including expertise in Cyber Security and Technology Governance (King III & IV), by serving on boards.


My extensive career spans over 30 years, touching academia, broadcasting, and telecoms. Notably, I spent 19 impactful years at Vodacom, culminating in my role as Chief Information Officer of the Vodacom Group. During this time, I had the privilege of building one of the most robust IT teams within the Vodafone Group, serving as a key IT interface on the global stage.


My competencies are diverse, ranging from strong leadership, people management, and interpersonal skills to a commercial mindset and comprehensive IT management. I’ve navigated all facets of the business, excelling in risk management, cyber security, technology governance, and compliance. My role as a collaborator between business and IT has been pivotal, enabling IT to serve strategic business objectives.

The last six years at Ujala Digital have been transformative, marked by delivering numerous commercial projects that drive the company forward in digitalization and future-proofing through IT transformation.


I am unwaveringly loyal and passionate about the companies I work for, addressing challenges promptly and ensuring that delivery remains the primary focus of my team. Empowering my team is a core attribute, coupled with the ability to be assertive when the situation demands. In line with my commitment to growth and development, I’ve evolved into an executive coach, contributing to building high-performance teams and helping individuals grow. Coaching and mentoring managers within my company are ways I give back to society.


My coaching practice has flourished, engaging with over 8 blue-chip companies, witnessing numerous success stories as coaching candidates advance in their careers. I’ve also extended my passion for helping others through pro-bono coaching for aspiring individuals across the African continent.

In the consulting realm, engagements vary from business development advisory to software development houses to consulting in the Telco sector. Recently, I’ve provided advisory services to a global consulting firm in the TMT vertical, leveraging my 35+ years of rich experience in the ICT industry to assist companies in driving their ambitions forward.


Within the Ujala Digital portfolio, we market disruptive digital solutions, notably an online virtual eventing solution. This cloud-based platform, in partnership with the provider, has garnered a strong customer base, especially in the era of Covid, where virtual and hybrid events have become the norm. Other products in our portfolio include a Digital Auditing solution and a full range of Cyber Security capabilities.


My interests extend to public speaking, where I’ve conducted talks, webinars, and workshops. In 2018, I hosted a Digital Radio show called Digital Hour, evolving into a podcast series called “All Things Digital,” where I engage with interesting personalities in the digital space. I am equally active on social media, particularly on LinkedIn, where I share thought-provoking articles and short audio bytes from my podcasts.


This journey with Ujala Digital has been a tapestry of growth, experiences, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving digital landscape.