Jaydev Chiba

Exiting the corporate world after 32 years, Jaydev embarked on a portfolio career, establishing his own company, Ujala Digital Pty Ltd. The company focuses on Executive Coaching & Mentoring, ICT Consulting, Sales Marketing of Disruptive digital products as well as aspiring to serve on boards bringing a very strong ICT background, including Cyber Security and Technology Governance (King III & IV). Jaydev has also partnered with The Green Co serving as their Chief Consulting & Digital Officer marketing solutions in the Water, Energy, Waste and ICT verticals.


Prior to that, Jaydev’s career has been steeped in the ICT industry for more than 30 years across the academic, broadcasting and telecoms industries. He had spent 19 years with Vodacom and in particular spent the last 6.75 years building one of the strongest IT teams within the Vodafone Group in his role as Chief Information Officer of the Vodacom Group.


He has built up an extensive range of competencies from exceptionally strong leadership capabilities, people management, excellent interpersonal skills, commercially minded and IT management covering all facets of the business as well as risk management, cyber security management, technology governance and compliance. He was also the key IT interface between Vodacom Group and the Vodafone Group serving on the Vodafone Global CIO Leadership team.


Jaydev has fashioned himself as a key collaborator between business and IT seeing his role as enabling IT in serving the business strategic objectives. As digitalisation of businesses become the norm, such a role is pivotal to the success of that business. Over the past two years his team has delivered numerous commercial projects that has moved the company forward in digitalisation as well future proofing systems through IT transformation.


Jaydev is extremely loyal and passionate about the company he works for, dealing with challenges or issues at any time that they occur. He expects delivery to be the primary focus of his team. Empowering his team is a strong attribute that Jaydev believes in but can be equally assertive if the situation calls for it. He has also developed himself to become an executive coach in order to continue building a high performance team as well as follow his passion of helping and growing others. Coaching and mentoring managers in his company is his way of contributing back to society. Prior to joining Vodacom, Jaydev spent 8.5 years at the SABC and 4 years at Wits University in various IT roles.

Since January 2018 Jaydev’s journey with Ujala Digital has been accentuated with valuable experiences while building the business and his portfolio career.


His Coaching practice has flourished with more than 8 blue chip companies engaging Ujala Digital’s Executive Coaching services. Many successes have been achieved with coaching candidates advancing in their careers to the next executive tier in their respective companies. Several candidates have opted to continue their coaching programmes beyond the original program, often more than once. His passion for helping others has also been expressed through pro-bono coaching for younger aspiring individuals across the African continent including through platforms like The Mentorship Boardroom.


The consulting business segment has varied with different types of engagements including business development advisory for a software development house, consulting in the Telco sector for a niche mobile data monetization global service provider and more recently providing advisory services to a global consulting firm in the TMT vertical. Jaydev’s 35+ years in the ICT industry serves as a rich experience in assisting companies drive their ambitions forward.


Also in the Ujala Digital portfolio is the marketing of disruptive digital solutions, amongst which the most prominent is an online virtual eventing solution. The solution is completely cloud based and can be pivoted rapidly to cater for a variety of event types including conferences, seminars, townhalls, awards ceremonies, hackathons and banquets and course training to name but a few. In partnership with the platform provider, Ujala Digital has built a strong customer base since the inception of Covid, forcing companies to consider either fully virtual or hybrid events.
Other products in the portfolio include a Digital Auditing solution, a full range of Cyber Security capabilities.


Jaydev also enjoys Public Speaking and has conducted a number of Talks, Webinars and Workshops and he has also hosted a Digital Radio show called Digital Hour in 2018. This has now morphed into a series of Podcasts called “All things Digital” that Jaydev hosts with interesting personalities in the digital space. He is equally active on social media, in particular on LinkedIn posting a number of thought provoking articles as well as short audio bytes from his podcasts.